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Friday, June 18, 2010

Watch Review| de GRISOGONO

Won the publicde GRISOGONO prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve 2009, de GRISOGONO Meccanico dG is the remarkable illustration of the art of living as cultivated by Grousi and evident in each of this creations. The timepiece draws on the deepest horological tradition in order to propel that tradition into the future. Its mechanical movement , displaying two time zones- in to totally exclusive ,mechanical dual analog and digital display is one of the most complex ever.

To take on something like this required an exceptional dose of courage . Building a digital display powered by an entirely mechanical system? No watchmaker had ever attempted such a thing. As a brilliant wide GRISOGONOnk at the history of horology and the one time threat quartz movement, the Meccanico dG builds a bridge between these two systems, at the same time bringing a completely original horological innovation.

The manual winding movement is full of micro-systems extremely sophisticated mechanism s with gears and rotating discs- and contains 651 components. The top half of the dial features an analog hour and minutes display ,and the bottom half shows a digital display of the time in the second time zone. The digital display shows the hours and minutes with mobile micro-segments animated by a ensemble of 23 cams and gears, aided by a device for disengagement and synchronization..

With its extra large masculine dimensions(56x48mm), the curved case is available in rose gold , titanium and titanium and rubber ,titanium and rose gold ,or titanium and platinum . This fusion of materials is in perfect harmony with the innovative character of the timepiece, futuristic down to the smallest details: setting the hour of the analog display is perform by the rubber covered crown, while the second time zone is adjusted by two correctors that are also crafted in vulcanized rubber. The heart of the timepiece, including the systems of the discs and gears, is visible through the transparent dial. The colored indexes for telling time on the analog system seems to hung suspended, partially revealing the mechanism . As is the case with all movements employed by de GRISOGONO, the meccanico dG is blackened and carefully finished. Despite the power necessary to drive the dual display and the instantaneous rotations of the micro segments, the watch still has a power reserve of approximately 35 hours, which displayed on the back of the movement and visible through a curved sapphire crystal revealing the brand’s iconic scrolls . One can easily imagine the vast amounts of patience and ingenuity de GRISOGONO must have had to apply in order to complete such a masterpiece . The limited edition of 177 numbered pieces is available in de GRISOGONO 16 boutiques and those of the brand’s retail partner.

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